DAIKIN CELEBRATES ITS GOLDEN JUBILEE THIS YEAR. With 50 years of technological advancement and unparalleled service, we are dedicated in strengthening our 5 ticks commitment to you. As the nation has grown, Daikin has evolved to cater to the needs of Singaporeans, offering quality products to enrich the lifestyles of its customers.

As part of the company philosophy, Daikin always finds ways to give back to society the best we can. Charitable activities include the Annual Daikin Charity Golf Tournament to raise funds to aid selected welfare organisations while Daikin also supported Mediacorp’s Rice Donation Drive.

As the only Japanese air conditioning specialist, Daikin is strongly committed to research and development, creating innovative cooling solutions that has won several awards. The Daikin SMILE series, a popular choice among HDB owners, is not only the highest 5 tick Energy Saving product, but also the quietest and a winner of the Good Design Award. You can even control it via your smartphone.

To enhance a lifestyle of comfort and convenience, Daikin has also introduced D’SmartHome, which allows air conditioners, air purifiers, lighting and security systems to be controlled from a smartphone. Additional features include voice activation, remote digital control of doors and doorbell intercoms.

For a professional one-stop solution from sales to installation and after sales services, visit Daikin Proshop. Daikin Proshops follow through with excellent service and experienced service teams. They offer DSP superior installation materials where you enjoy free extended warranty. You also enjoy attractive referral rewards when you sign up as a Proshop Member for free.