For the past 18 years, the Reader's Digest has approached ordinary consumers to ask their opinions on what brands of products and services are important to them. With these years of research behind us, we are able to confidently dissect precisely what features a trusted brand must possess in order to maintain relevance and purpose for Asian consumers.

A trusted brand enjoys international appeal, yet at the same time upholds a strong local connection. It has individual relevance for all its consumers, just about anywhere and in any culture.

Trust is an emotion that fuels our decision whether we are conscious of it or not. It is that intangible quality that signals reliability and integrity. Whether it is a product or service, trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice. Cost, quality and desirability are all important factors for consumers. Yet it's vital for a brand to stay true to its promises. While brands come in and out of vogue, those that capture our attention, maintain our confidence and win over our trust do so by holding fast to their core principles.



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How Our Trusted Brands Survey Was Conducted

Catalyst Research

We commissioned a highly recognised independent market research agency, Catalyst, to survey a representative sample of people in Asia on their most trusted brands in 44 categories of products and services across a wide range of industries. Over 7,500 people were polled across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. Both members of the public and Reader’s Digest subscribers participated in the survey.

Trusted Brand rating

The final ranking in each product category were obtained by multiplying the total number of votes for a brand with its average score for six qualitative characteristics. For statistical accuracy and to ensure results were compiled in an objective manner using proven methodology, the data was weighted to reflect the population distribution of participants.

Six qualitative characteristics Each respondent was required to complete a questionnaire or participate in a mail or online survey. Catalyst asked each participant to tell us the name of their most trusted brands and then to rate each of those brands listed on the following six attributes from 1 to 5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent):

Trustworthiness and credibility | Quality | Value | Understanding of Customer Needs | Innovation |Social Responsibility

Platinum, Gold and Asia Award Gold Trusted Brand Awards were given to brands that scored significantly higher than their rivals.

Platinum Trusted Brand Awards were given to brands that performed exceptionally, winning their category with a score that vastly outpolled their nearest competitor.

Asia Trusted Brand Awards were given to a brand that wins Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand award in the same category for at least three countries surveyed.