London Weight Management

PROVIDING RESULT-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS to weight problems to Malaysian women for almost 18 years, London Weight Management offers a safe, easy and effective weight loss programme.

Emphasising customised treatments, London Weight Management looks at each customer individually – and offers different slimming treatment procedures tailored to the individual customer, all based on the root cause of their weight problem. A mandatory body analysis is conducted where body weight, body measurements and personal lifestyle habits will be taken into consideration to determine the exact treatment for the weight problem.

With more than 170,000 followers on Facebook, London Weight Management has been constantly providing information on a healthy diet, weight management, healthy living and a positive lifestyle. It also organises promotions offering free trials to Malaysian women who are struggling with weight problems.

Since last year London Weight Management has been collecting reviews and testimonials from current customers, and has been receiving positive feedback on service and treatments. Customers are satisfied, happy and grateful for the results, service and care the slimming consultants have provided.