Songhe Rice
Songhe Rice

THE SÕNGHÈ RICE BRAND is built on quality, but its essence is much more. SõngHè spreads kindness through its heart-warming campaigns and multiple charity donations, living up to its brand statement: ‘Good Man, Good Deeds, Good Rice’.

In 2005, SõngHè launched ‘A Paper Crane for a Bowl of Rice’, campaign which helped charities and needy families. In 2016, its ‘Kindness Begins Today’ campaign was publicised through Facebook and the LianHe Wanbao newspaper.

‘Good Man, Good Deeds, Good Rice’, a special Facebook page, was launched in June 2016 to spread kindness, with 26 good deeds selected by Facebook followers. SõngHè donated rice and oil to the chosen beneficiaries and LianHe Wanbao ran detailed interviews with these inspiring individuals.

The ‘Life is Good’ campaign, held from November 2016 to March 2017 in conjunction with Toast Box, allowed customers to enjoy a treat at Toast Box cafés when they bought 5kg or 10kg SõngHè Rice or 5kg SõngHè New Crop Rice. SõngHè’s revamped website features exciting new recipes, with a series of ‘All in one pot’ dishes, designed by nutritionists, that are easy to prepare, delicious, and provide a wholesome family meal. As part of the ‘All in one pot’ campaign, in May 2017 SõngHè is giving away Luminarc bowls, made in France. “We hope this campaign will encourage more people to cook at home,” said Mr Richard Chee, Executive Director of Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd, which owns SõngHè brand. “Food is not just to fill the stomach. We believe food is a family tradition that needs to be passed on.”

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