Credit Cards

CITI IS A GLOBAL, innovationdriven bank with a presence in more than 160 countries, including the Philippines. Its extensive suite of credit cards is designed to appeal to a wide range of people from a variety of income and lifestyle backgrounds.

For travellers, there’s the Citi PremierMiles Card that offers lounge access and never-expiring miles. With the Citi Rewards Card, customers earn points for every purchase, while the Citi Cash Back Card offers rebates on all purchases – up to a six per cent rebate on groceries, and up to two per cent on electricity bills.

Citi’s latest offering, the Citi Prestige Card, caters to the affluent, allowing customers to enjoy exclusive privileges such as a fourth night free at participating hotels, airport lounge access and up to five times the points.

Citi customers can then visit Citi ThankYou Rewards, a one-of-akind online portal where they can easily redeem gadgets, appliances, cash credits, and even travel packages with the points and miles they’ve earned with their cards.

To ensure customer loyalty, Citi is committed to always raising the bar and offering best-in-market services.

Citi recently introduced a breakthrough in the online application experience by allowing applicants to upload documents, scan their IDs, and find out their application status in minutes.

Citi also embarked on enhancing the phone banking experience with the launch of Voice Biometrics. In 15 seconds or less, the customer is verified using their unique voice print.

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