Asian Eye Clinic

EYE CARE often ranks low on the healthcare priority list for many Filipinos. However, many eye problems have no early warning signs. That is why they are often diagnosed only when they are already at an advanced stage. With this in mind, Asian Eye Institute commits to help prevent blindness by providing affordable and highquality eye care through the EyeSite clinics.

With two clinics in Batangas and one in Quezon City, EyeSite, a sub-brand of Asian Eye, has helped many Filipinos access comprehensive eye checkups, eye disease screenings, and surgeries using their health insurance and/or PhilHealth benefits, and at reasonable prices.

Asian Eye also advocates the importance of early detection and treatment in combating eye diseases in the earliest stages. It introduced EyeScan, an innovative technology that can detect signs of blinding diseases, such as cataract, glaucoma, and retinal and corneal diseases. It is the only eye institute in the country to offer this service.

In the coming years, Asian Eye will continue to aid Filipinos in vision preservation and blindness prevention by providing them with safe and effective treatment options and convenient clinic locations, educating them about eye diseases and conditions, and investing in technology and research.

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