Cactus Bottled Water

IN MALAYSIA’S HOT, TROPICAL climate, maintaining sufficient hydration is essential for good health, because hydration aids digestion, concentration, alertness, muscle strength and endurance. Cactus Mineral Water is created by a natural process that leaves it mineral-rich and readily absorbed, to provide optimal hydration. Coming from a source deep within the Malaysian rainforest, it is of superior quality devoid of any contaminants and which provides refreshing and revitalising benefits.

The Cactus brand takes its name from the cactus plant, which is known for its resilience and its tenacity in surviving in the dry desert environment. This perseverance is a characteristic the brand wishes to project to its consumers.

The teamwork and focus by the sales and marketing team has created a solid reputation for Cactus Mineral Water, making a positive and powerful impact on the trust of consumers.

This year, the focus will be on further brand awareness and visibility, and ensuring the product is available throughout Malaysia.

This will involve special promotions to engage customers, and an increased emphasis on creating stronger relationships with wholesalers and retailers to get them behind the brand.