With the mission to take care of customers' health and wellness, Meiriki (Concord Alliance Limited as Mother Company) has been one of the pioneers in dietary supplements and natural health food since it was founded in 1997. From its first day of creation, Meiriki has aimed to offer supplements that are safe, effective and of the highest potency possible, produced only with the finest ingredients under stringent supervision in Japan.

Meiriki's products are classified into three categories: Daily Health, Slimming & Beauty, and Specific Target. From the raw material through to manufacturing and packaging, each production process is carried out under stringent supervision. All products are manufactured by Japanese GMP manufacturers and have fulfilled the specifications stipulated by the Japanese government, as well as the international safety standards certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratory (JFRL). Working as a double assurance, quality and safety are investigated by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (HKSTC) before being released to market, to ensure the absence of heavy metal, mercury, pesticides or any harmful substances.

To provide the most complete personal service from pre-purchase to post-purchase, Meiriki's health team is composed of registered pharmacists and professional nutritionists working in close cooperation to offer professional consultations and help people truly understand what their bodies need. With their experiences, customers can be given the most reliable advice and solutions for the best of health and wellness.

For 20 years, Meiriki’s persistent commitment has not only brought rapid growth but also settled its industrial status, further acknowledged by media and industrial awards such as The Most Favorite Bilberry Product of HK Family, Superbrands Hong Kong, Hong Kong Top Brand, and multiple Watson’s Health Wellness and Beauty Awards for Best Seller of Eye, Brain and Joint health products. The company has also been awarded Caring Company for 11 consecutive years by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and received HSBC Living Business Awards in 2012 (People Caring, Gold; Community Engagement, Bronze) and 2016 (People Caring, Bronze) due to Meiriki's constant passion and efforts to contribute to public welfare. Additionally, in 2014 Meiriki was the only HK Outstanding Corporate Citizenship award-winner for the health food industry.

For more information, visit http://meiriki-jp.com.hk/.