EF Englishtown

EF Englishtown is a world-leading English Language education innovation. As part of EF Education First, we draw upon a more than 50-year legacy of academic excellence and innovative language learning. With more than 500 schools and offices worldwide, we have 40,500 teachers and staff in 53 countries. We have now provided professional English Training to 1,500 well-known global corporations. We measure our success by the success of our students. We are proud to have been recognised for helping millions of people from across the world to improve their English effectively.

EF Englishtown is dedicated to helping students learn and use English with confidence. To achieve our mission, EF Englishtown has invested more than US$70 million to establish an Academic Research and Development unit in both Boston and London, formed by 100 scientists, linguists and academic elite; while recruiting 400 scientific experts to work in the Research and Development team in Shanghai, China. All elites from different regions strive to enhance the effectiveness of the learning system, allowing more people to learn English more easily.

EF Englishtown teaches and equips students with Real English that they can apply in their daily lives. The avant-garde SMART15 System simultaneously accelerates students' language skills and enriches their cultural knowledge. The SMART15 system consists of three stages: Learn, Try and Apply. This allows students to build a concrete foundation in the Learning stage, and to develop English skills step by step through extensive Trying opportunities, and finally to Apply English in real life.

A credible and reliable English learning institution, EF Englishtown is registered with the Education Bureau. Our training course is also recognised by the government's Continuing Education Fund and Workplace English Campaign.

There are over 1,500 corporations that have chosen Englishtown as their Professional English training provider. Most of them are Fortune 500 multinational companies including HSBC, Motorola, Microsoft, Nestlé and Hitachi.

For the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics, Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, and the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Englishtown has been proudly appointed as the Official Language Training Supplier, providing English training to more than 100,000 adjudicators, translators and volunteers. The English training includes face-to-face lessons, life club activities and online interactive lessons, with results that continue to be recognised internationally.

For more information, visit http://www.englishtown.com.hk.