Royal Umbrella

AS SINGAPOREANS CONTINUE TO LOOK TO BRANDS which take a special interest in producing products with environmentally-friendly practices, Royal Umbrella sets the bar very high. It is part of the sustainability rice farming programme, GAP Plus (Good Agriculture Practice.)

Thailand grows the tastiest Hom Mali rice, and Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice carefully selects the best grains from its best rice fields using advanced technology and processes to ensure the highest standards. Royal Umbrella’s processing keeps the rice white and clean, so it only needs to be rinsed once, to bring out its intoxicating aroma, its soft and fluffy texture, and heart-warming taste of wholesome goodness.

Look out for the new mascots for Royal Umbrella’s new Short Grain rice, Uruchi-chan and Umichan. Cooking demonstration for these new products have been posted online to give customers inspiration.

With its environmentally-friendly emphasis and delicious products, it’s hardly surprising that Royal Umbrella has been awarded the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands for more than 14 years running – from 2004 to 2018, as well as the ‘Best Rice Award’ by the World Rice Conference in 2009.