NTUC FairPrice Rice

KEEPING DAILY ESSENTIALS AT AN AFFORDABLE COST for Singaporeans is part of FairPrice’s social mission. For 45 years, FairPrice has been one of Singapore’s largest rice importers and retailers. It keeps its prices low importing rice directly from rice producers, and is able to keep prices at least 10% below other popular brands.

FairPrice offers nine types of rice including Hom Mali, Basmati, Calrose, Ponni, Red unpolished, Brown unpolished, Glutinous, Japonica, and Jasmine Fragrant. In addition, it offers a blended variety of red, white and brown rice, imported from countries including Thailand, Vietnam, India and Australia.

As part of FairPrice’s efforts to support the national drive towards healthy eating, in 2017, FairPrice rolled out a series of campaigns, including a public education initiative to promote and encourage the community to make the shift to wholegrain rice. Beyond giving discounts for brown rice, dedicated brown rice bays were installed in 140 FairPrice stores islandwide to make the wholegrain more visible and prominent to shoppers.

FairPrice has been known to drop its prices even during times of crisis and economic downturn to ensure daily essentials remain affordable for everyone. For example, in 2008 during the rice crisis where shortages led to prices skyrocketing worldwide, FairPrice was the first to announce a drop in prices of its Housebrand rice between 5–12% in anticipation of new shipments of rice it was able to secure. Although the new shipments would only arrive later, FairPrice was committed to pass on the anticipated savings to customers by reducing its rice prices ahead of the arrival of the new rice stock, by selling existing stock bought at a higher price.