Novita Air purifier

A PROUD, HOMEGROWN SINGAPOREAN BRAND, novita has been offering customers innovative home wellness products for more than 18 years. Constantly keeping ahead of trends, novita gives new meaning to the contemporary lifestyle with its Air.Water.Body range of high-quality products.

Powered by QuadSystem™ Technology, novita AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS12000 offers complete air quality management control and surface sanitization, enabling you to sterilize, sanitize, ionize and purify your surrounding space. Effectively eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses that may easily transmit and deposit over a large coverage area, this air sterilizer is ideal for use in homes, clinics, childcare centres and offices to ensure optimum indoor air quality.

Producing controlled ozone concentration levels at Away Mode, its powerful oxidation capacity eliminates more than 99.99% of PM10 and PM2.5 respiratory suspended particulates within one minute, and surface-bound E. coli, salmonella, yeast and mould within 15 minutes. With its Smart App Management, you can monitor real-time air quality and operate the unit at any time.

For complete air and surface management, you can complement your usage with the convenient and cost-effective novita Portable Disinfectant H-Mist02. Activate the HydroxySystem™ process through the one-touch sensor, and water molecules will convert into hydroxyl ions. A powerful disinfecting agent, it eliminates more than 99.99% of surface-bound germs within 30 seconds. With no toxic chemical ingredients and 100% safe on skin, eyes, or for ingestion, you can easily disinfect indoor or outdoor hotspots such as public toilets, shared toys, computer keyboards or even lift buttons.

Visit the novita Experience Store, NorthPoint City, South Wing, B1-121/122, to breathe air of the highest quality possible and discover novita’s comprehensive range of Air.Water.Body. products.