Mitsubishi Electric

AS A GLOBAL PLAYER, Mitsubishi Electric is a well-known brand, known for its reliability and providing the best products and services with unsurpassed quality. It delivers the ultimate MEQ (Mitsubishi Electric Quality) experience to customers and these committed efforts are trusted by consumers.

Singapore has embraced green living with high-efficiency requirements and Mitsubishi Electric has initiated with the launch of the Full 5-ticks Excellent Energy Efficient range of air-conditioning systems, revealing its full support of environmental sustainability. This includes a Dual Barrier coating on the inner surface to prevent dust and dirt from sticking onto the air-conditioner and a microparticle filter that helps fence the PM2.5 particles from the environment.

Mitsubishi Electric has been actively participating in social and community activities, awareness programs, training and education of families and the elderly in Singapore. It also partners with educational institutions to enhance students’ lives with improved learning facilities.

Proud of its product reliability and quality, Mitsubishi Electric listens to customers’ business challenges and needs, continuous improvement, further combining technologies, products, systems and service towards providing personalised comfort and energy efficiency for consumers to enjoy in the comfort of their homes and offices.