NTUC FairPrice Cooking Oil

IN LINE WITH ITS COMMITMENT to moderate the cost of living by providing good value essentials at affordable prices, FairPrice’s housebrand range offers a wide range of high quality cooking oils that are priced at least 10 percent cheaper than comparable brands.

FairPrice housebrand provides 11 types of cooking oil including healthier variants such as Canola Oil, Soya bean oil and Rice Bran oil. It also offers premium variants of olive oil, including extra light, extra virgin and organic extra virgin varieties. All FairPrice housebrand oils are also subject to FairPrice’s extensive food safety and quality assurance programme.

FairPrice’s wide range of cooking oils include:

  • FairPrice Peanut Oil
  • FairPrice 100% Canola Oil
  • FairPrice Corn Oil
  • FairPrice Vegetable Oil
  • FairPrice Soya Bean Oil
  • FairPrice Blended Cooking Oil
  • FairPrice Sunflower Oil
  • FairPrice Pure Olive Oil
  • FairPrice Extra Light Olive Oil
  • FairPrice Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • FairPrice Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • FairPrice Pure Grapeseed Oil
  • FairPrice Sunflower Oil
  • FairPrice Canola Olive Oil
  • FairPrice Rice Bran Oil

As part of its sustainability efforts, FairPrice housebrand cooking oils that contain palm oil are sourced from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certified sources. RSPO is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil. FairPrice is the first locally-owned supermarket retailer in Southeast Asia to attain RSPO membership in 2018.