BEING AWARDED THE LOFTY TITLE OF ‘TRUSTED BRAND’ for seven years running, Whirlpool continues to prove its place in the market by creating appliances that are perfectly suited to the Filipino lifestyle.

Whirlpool has developed a reputation for providing stateof-the-art home appliances, which have helped make many Filipino household chores easier. In addition to its emphasis on innovation, Whirlpool also strives to include environmentally friendly features in its products. Whirlpool ensures that its wide range of appliances, including washing machines, refrigerators and cooking appliances, are both energy- and water-efficient. These features provide financial benefits for its customers and benefit the environment as well.

Looking ahead, Whirlpool has vowed to make further advanced innovations, and to launch even more efficient products. Remaining true to its corporate social responsibility, it reaches out to every Filipino by sharing achievements with them and improving the quality of customers’ lives as well. As Chris Sioco, Whirlpool Brand Manager and Sales Director, says, “We are dedicated to continually improving lives one home at a time.”