PLDT Landline

DESPITE ADVANCES in wireless and mobile technology, a landline telephone continues to be the go-to communication device for families, as they know they can depend upon it to stay connected and communicate with loved ones. PLDT Landline is the Philippines’ pioneer landline service.

For decades, PLDT has provided dependable telecommunications services throughout the country, earning it the trust of Filipinos. Today it offers the widest national coverage, and is the brand that comes first to mind when choosing a landline service.

PLDT released in 2015 a new range of telephone models – contemporary updates of the classic landline units its customers have loved and relied on in the past. The new telset models are affordably priced, guaranteeing subscribers a cost-efficient and dependable means of communication from their homes.

To complement the new telsets, PLDT also introduced equally affordable call plans to connect subscribers to their families, friends, and the rest of the world. The updated PLDT landline models were well received among subscribers, with the first batch of telset units selling out within a couple of months.

PLDT monitors local and international telecommunications trends to discover new ways of simplifying and enriching the lives of its existing subscribers, and to demonstrate to potential customers that PLDT is indeed the best choice. Regular consultation sessions with industry experts and with its own customer base allows PLDT to develop the solutions that will continue to shape the future of telecommunications in the Philippines.