panda ballpen

WE USE BALLPOINT PENS EVERY DAY. We rely on them to always work efficiently – at home, at school, and in the workplace. And Filipinos can trust Panda Ballpen to provide a good-quality ballpoint pen that will write smoothly until the last drop.

Panda Pens has now been making ballpens for the past 41 years. It began manufacturing in 1977 in a rented old warehouse, with just two injection machines and a set of moulds, but with a vision to compete with world famous brands such as Reynold, Bic, and Pilot.

At the time Panda was just one of a few Filipino pen companies, and it set its sights on selling its product in bookstores, stationery shops and Divisoria. But because Panda Pens was an unknown name, many business owners would not buy the product and the brand had to sell its pens in retail to sari-sari stores throughout the Philippines.

However, after 15 years of hard work and commitment, Panda Pens has built a reputation for providing consistently high quality at a very affordable price, and earned a solid place as a recognized and trusted brand in the Filipino market.