RENOWNED FOR ITS PREMIUM quality and heritage of freshness, Magnolia is one of the Philippines’ best-loved brands. Magnolia launched its dairy products in the Philippines in 1925 and has since expanded its offerings to ice cream, milk, butter, margarine, cheese, juices, seasoning, chicken, and eggs.

Magnolia Chicken was introduced in 1973, and has become the most popular and trusted chicken brand in the nation, delivering fresh, safe, premium-quality chicken. All Magnolia chicken products are raised in stress-free environments and guaranteed to have no added hormones or steroids, and to be free from antibiotic residue.

Always putting the ever-changing consumer at the heart of all of its product offerings, the company recently launched MAGNOLIA Chicken 3-Way. These marinated chicken cuts cater to busy millennial moms who desire to cook delicious, nutritious and authentic home-cooked meals which can now be done in just three simple steps: boil, add ingredients and enjoy. They are available in three marinade flavours: ginger, tomato or gata.

Magnolia strives to intimately know their consumers – listens and responds to consumer feedback and studies how consumers buy and experience its products.

To offer consistently premiumquality products, Magnolia espouses the core brand culture of malasakit, enabling consumers to ‘Celebrate Goodness Everyday’.