LBC Express

THE THRILL OF RECEIVING A PACKAGE from family or friends is something we all look forward to, and so LBC Express has made it a personal mission to deliver more than the package. Its employees aim to also deliver the joy sent with it. This is because LBC Express recognizes that people genuinely look forward to what its customers are sending. LBC Express’s most recent campaign, ‘Aming Ligaya’ (Joy of Moving), focuses on how hard the brand has worked to deliver joy to Filipinos for almost 70 years and reassures customers it will continue to go the extra mile with every delivery.

LBC Express sees its role as being not just a courier company, but as a warm and friendly partner who enjoys moving packages, goods, and money for its clients. It is always looking to make the process of moving or sending packages and cargo as efficient and easy as possible, whether it’s a small gift or a large business shipment. For Filipinos, that service is invaluable and is crucial to the ongoing growth and strength of LBC Express as a prominent global Filipino brand.