Insular Life

INSULAR LIFE HAS RECEIVED a Trusted Brand Award for the second year running. It continues to inspire Filipinos to invest in their passions and dreams and to secure their future with a sound insurance and financial plan. It seeks to be the market leader in the insurance industry to whom more Filipinos entrust the financial security of their families.

Insular Life lives up to its corporate tagline of ‘InLife for Good’. Its core values are prudence, love of country, integrity, excellence, respect for the individual and teamwork, resulting in work which is inherently for the good of everyone involved.

Insular Life, a Filipino company, helps guide customers through life’s challenges and obstacles, serving a higher purpose, which is to serve the greater good.

By sharing the bounty of its blessings, Insular Life helps the less fortunate, giving them wings to soar and reach for their dreams. It also helps in nationbuilding through domestic investments, making possible a stronger Philippine economy.

Insular Life is an institution of enduring greatness, defined by its mission of delivering good.