FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS AND COUNTING, Goldilocks has established itself as the country’s number one bakeshop, winning every possible award in its industry.

In order to maintain this leadership position, the company is focused on becoming synonymous with an outstanding customer experience. This is aligned with the findings of numerous international market studies, which predict that in the coming years, “customer experience” will overtake all other factors as the key brand differentiator.

While “customer experience” is a broad idea that encompasses so many areas, Goldilocks has narrowed this down to four pillars. The first is safety, which means that Goldilocks adheres to the strictest international standards when it comes to the preparation and handling of its products. Closely related to this is quality. Given that Goldilocks is such a beloved brand, customers have a very clear expectation of how exceptional their products should be. Accordingly, the company ensures that it delivers this in the same way every time. This leads to the next pillar, efficiency, wherein Goldilocks customers feel that everything runs smoothly whenever – and however – they interact with the brand.

Ultimately, all of this leads to the final pillar of customer experience, which is customer delight. By making every moment a celebration, Goldilocks ensures that its legacy is not only sustained, but strengthened.