Condura Fridge

FILIPINO-MADE CONDURA REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS have been an integral part of homes and businesses in the Philippines for 30 years.

Condura wants customers to achieve more in life and is committed to raising the living conditions of Filipinos by delivering practical, relevant and effective solutions for consumers’ homes and businesses.

Condura combines the resilient spirit and excellence of Filipinos in everything it creates.

Only Filipinos understand their specific wants and needs, so Condura listens to its customers to understand the unique needs of the Filipino lifestyle. This is the reason why Condura has been so successful in designing and manufacturing products that Filipino consumers truly appreciate.

This year, Filipino consumers can look forward to a new range of Negosyo inverter refrigerators that combine beauty and functionality. Not only will Filipino entrepreneurs love the extended Negosyo warranty, they will be impressed with the 50 per cent faster freezing performance as well.

Consumers know they can trust Condura Negosyo refrigerators to be superior in size, durability, organization, convenience and cool-factor.