Condura aircon

CONDURA HAS ALWAYS PUT the needs of the Filipino first in coming up with products. As a trusted Filipino brand, Condura aims to provide for the basic needs of the customer in air conditioning, and with this in mind, Condura continues to focus on two important benefits for the Filipino consumer.

The first is energy savings. In general, air conditioners are thought of as expensive in terms of energy and electricity consumption. However, Filipinos continue to trust Condura to provide them with energy savings. One basic feature that it includes in its windowtype air conditioners is its Energy Savings Plug. The Energy Savings Plug, or ESP, brings convenience to the user. It alternates electricity usage between the aircon and fan, thereby helping lower electricity consumption.

The second is durability. An air conditioner should be built and tested for Philippine weather conditions. With the Durakote Protection on our 6X Plus window air conditioners, the five major parts of the air conditioner are protected from rust and corrosion. This ensures a longer life for the consumer’s investment.

Condura has three major achievements. First, it continues to be recognized as a Trusted Brand by its customers. Second, it enjoys a good position in the Philippine air-conditioning market. And third, it continues to compete with global brands and is recognized as one of the best brands in the air-conditioning category.