CITI ACTIVELY ENGAGES WITH ITS CUSTOMERS to create innovative solutions that are relevant to them – providing them a remarkable customer experience. Its aim is to support more and more customers with their goals and needs, making sure that it is able to deliver products and services that are accessible, seamless and fast.

Citi Personal Loans can provide customers with the funds they need to improve their home, consolidate debt or deal with unexpected surprises. It ensures it is present where customers search for solutions, and increasingly this is in the digital space. Citi is constantly innovating to make it easier and faster for online customers, for example, by assisting them with their loan application in as little as three hours.

The bank is recognised for its quick turnaround. Approvals are done in as little as 24 hours – the quickest in the country.

On top of this, the bank offers flexible and affordable payment terms of up to five years, and can provide loan amounts of up to P1 million.