Credit Cards

CITI CONTINUES TO LOOK AT ITS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES that its cardholders can enjoy, and accelerate digitization to deliver remarkable client experiences.

Aiming to make banking as simple as possible, it has started by introducing a simplified application form that lets applicants know in minutes if they qualify for a card, right after they submit their details. With this new facility, approval processing no longer takes place offline.

It also continues to upgrade its mobile banking capabilities, knowing how customers never leave their houses without their smartphones. Some of the features the bank has recently included are statement download, and bills payment.

Citi also embarks on strategic partnerships to give customers exciting reward offers, so it can be the card of choice for purchases that matter most to consumers. These partnerships include dining, shopping, fuel, health and wellness – to name a few. What’s more, these partnerships are not just limited to here in the Philippines.

Citi also has partnerships with retail giants such as Amazon. Citi is focused on becoming the world’s leading digital bank, and it will continue to leverage its global network for strategic partnerships even as it develops and delivers digital products and services for its customers.