CARRIER BELIEVES THAT SUCCESS is not measured by numbers but by each and every delightful experience it provides. Knowing that millions of families trust Carrier in providing them with cooling comfort is enough reason for the brand to strive hard to deliver more than what is expected from an air conditioning brand.

Because consumers rely on air conditioning to keep them comfortable at all times, whether at work or play, Carrier deliberately subjects its products to more tests than the industry standards. It is because of these tests that Carrier air conditioners last longer than expected.

Because Carrier understands that every peso should be spent on things that matter more, it endeavors to ensure that every unit is energy efficient to deliver real energy savings. Whether inverter or non-inverter, Carrier always has the consumers in mind, and always aims to give the customer the highest possible savings.

And because Carrier recognizes the ever-evolving lifestyle of consumers, it has opened more communication platforms to ensure that they can easily reach out to Carrier for any assistance. Whether mobile or online, Carrier is always available to serve and delight consumers.

Carrier will continue to be fueled by the desire to make consumers happy. That is, and will always be, Carrier’s measure of success.