HELPING FILIPINOS FEEL PROUD of their living and work spaces is a point of pride for BOYSEN. By providing reliable products that transform homes and offices, BOYSEN has developed strong relationships and positive feelings with its customers. “We hope our customers see us as a reliable friend who can take care of their painting problems anytime they need it, and that they will love us for it.”

Its recognizable logo features the Philippine eagle, which symbolises leadership. As one of the largest eagles in the world, it illustrates BOYSEN’s ambition to be a Filipino company that can excel in its field globally.

BOYSEN’s corporate color, green, also illustrates the company’s awareness of the need to be both socially and environmentally responsible. It is proud to be one of the first brands in the world to earn the Lead Safe® Paint mark under a newly established certification program.

In 2018, Pacific Paint (BOYSEN) Philippines, Inc., celebrates its 65th anniversary. Apart from upcoming paint innovations, it will be sharing new colors through the BOYSEN Color Trend 2018. Consumers will also be encouraged to experience color like never before with the BOYSEN Color Perspectives, an immersive, interactive concept.