Yun Nam Hair Care

EDUCATING AND CREATING AWARENESS on the importance of hair care and scalp care, Yun Nam Hair Care has been transforming lives with effective hair care solutions for more than 30 years in Malaysia. Studying the root of hair problems enables it to formulate the best prescription and procedures. Professional consultants assist customers every step of the way to identify possible lifestyle habits or external contributing factors that cause hair loss.

Many people have been neglecting their hair loss problems, and a majority would only seek help when they realised they are balding. Yun Nam encourages Malaysians to seek professional advice immediately when they realise they have hair loss symptoms, such as oily scalp or dandruff. Treating the problem early increases the possibility of solving the problem altogether.

Constantly working on maximising customers’ satisfaction and convenience, Yun Nam has introduced the e-appointment service where customers will be notified via SMS on their appointment dates, reminders on upcoming appointments, treatment balances, missed appointments, rescheduling and many other service reminders. As many customers are busy and have hectic schedules, e-appointments will help customers be updated on their treatment statuses.