AS A PIONEER IN MALAYSIA MANUFACTURING FIRE DOORS, Woodlandor had its modest beginnings in 1983.

Today, Woodlandor offers high-quality and innovative Fire Resistant Door Sets with a wide range of designs to suit all types of residential and commercial properties.

Its leading-edge approach includes research and development to embrace new technologies that enhance quality, reliability and safety, but at the same time gives customers good value for money.

Its tagline ‘Making Safer Homes’ is based on the core value of safety, while also offering a flexible approach to design to provide standard, custom and stylish choices.

Woodlandor has established itself at the forefront as a leading manufacturer of Fire Resistant Door Sets in Malaysia under its brand name ‘WL; MULTEC’, with a presence in international markets as well.

These Fire Resistant Door Sets are eco-friendly and surpass the standards of the regulatory bodies for fire protection.

Woodlandor is listed in The Malaysia Book of Records as the ‘First Manufacturer of Fire Resistant Door Sets’ to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification and its prestigious awards such as The National Mark of Malaysian Brand and Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand are testament to its quality and excellence.

Woodlandor’s Fire Resistant Door Sets are exported worldwide with excellent service assured. Nurturing relationships, Woodlandor encourages customers to share their feedback so any issues can be resolved immediately.