OVER FORTY YEARS, Toshiba Sales & Services (TSS) has built up its formidable reputation as part of one of the world’s leading electronic and electrical companies, and it strives to provide customers with the leading technologically innovative products and excellent customer service. TSS is committed to providing Malaysians with cutting-edge technology products with excellent functionality, reliability, durability and environmentally friendly features.

TSS plans to continue making a strong presence in the Malaysian market by improving as well as adapting new technological breakthroughs into existing products. In keeping with these technological advances, plus keeping product ranges in line with customers wants and needs, Toshiba’s refrigerators have increased capacities for additional storage space. The W-Series of glass door refrigerators features a stunning minimalist, ultra-modern, elegant design. It also comes with Inverter technology that reduces energy consumption by up to 35% for long-term saving.

As one of the biggest celebrations in Malaysia, Toshiba is launching a Chinese New Year campaign and a TV commercial showing how Toshiba’s appliances bring hearts closer and make family reunions warmer.

Toshiba aims to maintain its edge as one of the leading brands in Malaysia. This year, Toshiba was awarded the Gold Award by Reader’s Digest Malaysia for being the Most Trusted Brand in two categories.