AFTER 42 YEARS IN MALAYSIA, Panasonic continues to pursue a better life for each customer, with its reliability, extensive service network, and wide selection of products. It has grown to include 78 categories and 1080 models of products ranging from audio visuals, home appliances, air conditioners, indoor air quality, solar business, digital and video cameras, professional broadcasting equipment, system solutions, telecommunications, health and beauty care, batteries and lighting.

The global brand slogan ‘A Better Life, A Better World’, and Panasonic’s slogan in Malaysia, ‘Enriching The Lives of Malaysian Families’, convey the promise to continuously provide solutions for every Malaysian household.

With a strong commitment to CSR activities and global involvement at major events such as the Olympics, it will continue to uphold the company’s Basic Business Philosophy of Contribution to Society.

The advertising and media strategy is to maximise reach to targeted customers and communicate the value of its products. It will be embarking on its own online-to-offline (O2O) business model, leveraging the strengths of digital platforms and offline stores to serve the customer better.

2018 will be focused on the 100th Anniversary as the main theme, and with the tagline ‘A Century of Reliability’, it will continue to provide consumers with durable, innovative and user-friendly products and solutions.