New York Skin Centre

RADIANCE GLOWS FROM WITHIN, and New York Skin Solutions believes in treating skin problems from the inner skin, as prevention is always better than a cure.

It offers customised treatments, providing different facial treatment procedures tailored to the individual customer, based on the root cause of their skin problem. A mandatory skin analysis and scanning are conducted using a machine that zooms 200x over the skin to determine the skin’s condition and any problems.

New York Skin Solutions offers free trials to new customers to create awareness among them about the importance of looking after their skin. The skin specialist will educate customers about the risks their skin is exposed to and providing them with a solution. The environment, personal lifestyle and product usage can cause serious damages, and the specialist will help customers protect and prevent their skin from these issues.

Improving the quality of service to customers has been a focus this year by New York Skin Solutions. It created a system to capture the ratings and reviews of the customers through SMS. Penalties and rewards will be given according to the reviews given by the customers to improve service quality and guarantee the best for its customers.