Dorra slimming

SYNONYMOUS WITH STATE-OFART LOWER BODY SLIMMING SOLUTIONS, Dorra Slimming was founded by French experts. Many women are concerned about weight gain in their lower body, often due to female hormones that cause fat to be stored mainly in the tummy, hip and thigh area. Dorra’s treatment may efficiently reduce and eliminate fat cells in these specific areas.

Dorra Slimming has created awareness among women in regards to the importance of weight management and body care through the voices of celebrities and influencers. Even women without weight concerns may still have fat accumulation. They may have a normal BMI rate but suffer from fat accumulation and cellulite on the lower body. Dorra’s specialists do not only help customers get rid of the fat accumulation, but also prevent it from accumulating again.

Dorra’s treatments effectively target the main culprit of fat accumulation, Triglyceride, and effectively break down, burn and discharge it. Ladies can expect at least 5 cm loss off bulging tummies, wide hips and chunky thighs in just one session.*

Dorra has been actively producing videos introducing the treatments and services and posting them on Facebook. Local celebrities and influencers have also reviewed their experience after receiving treatments to provide the audience with a better understanding of Dorra’s services.

*Individual results may vary.