Diamond Coral water purifier

AN AUTOMATIC INSTANT WARM WATER DISPENSER, Diamond’s Coral WaterBar safely and comfortably heats water to 50°C, 100°C or to room temperature in just three seconds.

Many traditional water dispensers produce harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite when heated repeatedly for 24 hours. By not cleaning the interior of a dispenser, harmful chemicals accumulate, and long-term consumption of this re-boiled water may put your family’s health at risk.

The Diamond Coral WaterBar is equipped with innovative instant heating technology to precisely heat up water in three seconds – 100 times faster than traditional methods. Water is heated only when you need it, eliminating harmful chemicals commonly found in re-boiled water.

Having 50°C warm water available at a touch of a button is a huge convenience for any family. Mothers do not have to mix water to get the right temperature to prepare baby formula and babies are fed with undamaged nutrients at optimal temperature. Another advantage is that children and the elderly will not have to lift heavy containers for warm water.