Cactus Bottled Water

SINCE 1996, Cactus Mineral Water has been providing Malaysians with its premier brand of natural hydration. It is a proud 100% Malaysian-born brand of bottled water.

Rich in natural minerals, the water is sourced from unspoilt surroundings and has satisfied all the quality standards such as HACCP.

In addition to mineral water, Cactus also offers a selection of distilled drinking water. Consumers can also purchase standing dispensers for hot and cold Cactus water.

To build a connection with customers, Cactus shares local events and stories on its brightly coloured packaging to spread awareness of its Malaysian heritage. This demonstration of homegrown pride helps to differentiate it from other brands on the market.

To make the consumer experience as smooth as possible, Cactus emphasises excellent customer care and hassle-free delivery, so consumers are doubly rewarded with safe, healthy hydration plus reliable service. As its corporate slogan says “Life Goes On With… Cactus!”

For more information, please visit our Facebook page at Cactus Malaysia.