MR TAN, A 35-YEAR-OLD FATHER OF TWO YOUNG CHILDREN, woke up one day worried about their future and what would happen to them if the untoward happened and he should pass away. He had a 20-year loan and had barely started saving for their education fund.

Similarly, Mrs Chan, a 40-year-old mother of one, would like to ensure that her daughter is financially secure when she is no longer around. Mrs Chan is a non-smoker but is also cognisant of her health and knew she had to have a plan should she be diagnosed with a critical illness.

Both Mr Tan and Mrs Chan, and similarly, you too, can put your worries at ease, as AIA’s A-Life Signature Beyond helps to protect you now so that your children and loved one’s future is protected in any unfortunate circumstance.

This latest plan provides you with the peace of mind through high protection, with a minimum coverage amount of RM500,000, that secures the financial future of your loved ones, in the event of your passing. The plan also provides additional protection if you pass away due to an accident or if you suffer total permanent disability prior to age 70. If you pass away due to a natural disaster, the plan provides six times the coverage amount. Furthermore, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, you can seek treatment overseas and reimburse your medical bills up to 50% of the coverage amount, subject to a maximum of RM1 million per life, whichever is lower.

In addition, you have the flexibility to choose your coverage amount, coverage term, premium payment term and other optional benefits according to your needs. When the plan matures, you get to enjoy 100% of account value plus an additional 20% through the maturity booster feature.

Protect your family’s future today by protecting yourself with A-Life Signature Beyond.