Yun Nam Hair Care

WINNING MANY AWARDS, such as Trusted Brands and Superbrands, for successive years, Yun Nam Hair Care is a pioneer in the international hair care field. Established in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care has helped more than 350,000 customers overcome hair loss and problems such as itchy, oily, dry or sensitive scalp plus dandruff, premature greying and damaged hair with resounding success.

Its fully customised herbal hair and scalp treatments harness traditional Chinese herbs such as Panax ginseng, dong quai and he shou wu with cutting-edge hair growth technology. Yun Nam Hair Care promises visible results in one session*, and its 98.7 per cent success rate is unrivalled in the hair care industry. Professional consultants closely monitor their customers’ progress, providing dedicated one-on-one service and seeing them through their entire hair recovery journey.

In 2017, Yun Nam Hair Care launched new and improved FastGRO treatments and products. These feature breakthrough benefits such as faster absorption of activated nutrients to treat any type of hair problem, and reactivating hair follicles and cells to reach their maximum hair growth potential.

With faster hair treatment results, Yun Nam Hair Care expects even greater customer satisfaction, reinforcing its leading brand status in the market.

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*Individual results may vary