Novita Air purifier

WITH MORE THAN 16 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in creating innovative home appliances, novita is a local Singapore brand giving a new definition to the contemporary lifestyle by introducing the Total Wellness concept in ‘Air.Water.Body’.

With its competitive know-how and attention to product technology, innovation and design, novita aspires to enhance quality of life with creative solutions.

Consumers can choose the model that best suits their room size for maximum air purification efficiency from its extensive range of air purification products. novita’s air purifiers and air/surface sterilizers achieve a superior Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) on PM2.5 smoke particles, based on a novita PM2.5 filter.

With proven results from tests conducted by Singapore Accredited Laboratory, novita PuriPRO® filter pack removes more than 99.99 per cent of PM2.5 and PM10 respiratory suspended particulates, total airborne bacteria, yeast and mould within minutes. This comprehensive filtration process gives the highest air quality possible.

In November 2016, novita launched its latest air/surface sterilizer, the NAS12000, which sanitises, sterilises, ionises and purifies for the highest air protection. Plus, it is supported with Smart App management, allowing users to operate their unit at any time to achieve complete air/surface protection in their home. With its generous coverage, the NAS12000 is also ideal for healthcare providers, childcare centres and workplaces. notiva has strong communication channels for its customers to reach it, and uses customer feedback to understand its customers’ needs, and to implement continuous improvement and innovation in its product design. novita believes in committing to a lifelong relationship with its customers.

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