UNDERSTANDING and responding to the needs of its customers have helped Whirlpool provide Filipinos with a range of consistently highquality household appliances to make lives easier.

Using a combination of market research and social media, the brand is able to identify key trends in the local market, find out what people are looking for, and get feedback from exisiting customers.

With this information, and by using advanced engineering and innovative technology, Whirlpool is able to design and build high-performance household appliances that give customers better than expected results. This is why Filipinos trust the brand.

The Whirlpool 360° Bloom Wash is a recent addition to its highly regarded washing machine range. The first top-loader with a built-in heater, its 360° Tumble Motion promises complete soil removal, while the Anti-Allergy and Bacteria Cycle with a hot, pre-wash Catalytic Soak offers 99.9% germ protection.

Another innovative appliance is the Stainwash Ultra Washer. It can remove up to 25 types of stains through the 6th Sense Ultra Clean Technology, which uses a 60°C Hot Wash. A Hard Water Wash feature makes it adaptable to all water types to give 30% better washing.

For more information on Whirlpool’s appliances, visit www.whirlpool.com.