Pilot pen

PROUDLY PRODUCING quality writing instruments since 1918, Pilot continues to provide consumers with a wide range of consistently excellent and affordable oilbased ink, gel and liquid ink pens, markers, mechanical pencils, and more.

When Japanese founders Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada created the company’s first pen nearly a century ago, it was named ‘Pilot’ to reflect their desire to become leaders in the field, overcoming all challenges. That guiding principle has helped Pilot cement its dedication to continued improvement in both customer service and product innovation.

Pilot is able to provide a pen for the most discriminating writer or artist, whether for writing a letter or artfully doodling. From student notes, to writing a novel, to life-like drawings, Pilot pens have proved reliable partners for millions.

In a world first, Pilot continues to innovate with the extremely popular FriXion series, which features thermosensitive ink that is rendered invisible when subjected to frictiongenerated heat caused by rubbing with the pen’s special debris-free tip. Users are able to delete errors simply by rubbing words with the pen stub, a perfect fix-it with no ink eradicators or erasers required.

Popular with everyone from businesspeople and students who want to delete mistakes, to crafters who draw designs for painting or sewing, then delete the ink with the heat of a hairdryer, FriXion’s versatility is also available in marker pens in a wide range of vibrant colors.

To see the complete range of Pilot’s writing instruments, visit www.pilotpen.com.