Healthway clinic

OVER THE PAST 19 years, Healthway Medical has earned a strong standing with Filipinos for providing quality primary and multi-specialist medical services in conveniently located mall-based clinics, available seven days a week from 7am up to 8pm, and delivered through a service-driven system known as ‘Alagang Healthway’.

No matter which clinic clients visit, they can access a range of medical services, including laboratory testing, specialist consultations, and surgical procedures, while knowing they will be treated with care and kindness.

With these one-stop clinics, Healthway Medical aims to bridge a gap in the Philippine healthcare industry and make quality care available to all. Aside from making healthcare available and accessible, Healthway Medical continues to help create a healthier community.

Sales and Marketing Vice-President Carmie P. de Leon said Healthway Medical actively promotes preventative healthcare through ‘SEED’, which stands for sleep, eat right, exercise, and de-stress.

“The ‘SEED’ lifestyle is reinforced for Filipinos through health education, self-checks, and regular preventative check-ups, including the Healthway Medical’s HealthCheQ,” she said.

HealthCheQ is a comprehensive executive check-up that comes with a choice of an overnight stay in a hotel, or yoga, or gym sessions from the brand’s partners, to encourage Filipinos to take charge of their own health.

Healthway Medical will soon launch its first hospital, Healthway Medical International.

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