ALTHOUGH GMA Network has been a part of the lives of Filipinos for more than six and a half decades, it was only since late 2000, when GMA Network Chairman and CEO Felipe L. Gozon took over the management of the company, that it has grown to be the number one broadcasting network in the Philippines.

Today, GMA Network has 47 VHF TV stations, 41 UHF TV stations and 24 radio stations. Its signal reaches 98% of the country’s urban TV households.

In 2017, GMA Network will continue to provide innovative developments, including its Digital TV Transmission project.

Recently, GMA New Media (NMI), the technology arm of the Network, unveiled a prototype of GMA’s upcoming digital television product, which functions both as a receiver for digital television and a digital interactive media set-top box – a first in the Philippines.

The unique combination of a DTV and over-the-top media delivery platform enables the product to turn the television into a smart TV capable of playing on-demand content while simultaneously running chat applications and games.

The development of the digital receiver is a crucial part of GMA’s strategy to attract millennials as it enables the Network to provide them with content they want, when they want it, and where they already are.

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