Condura aircon

CONSIDERING HOW HARD the average Filipino works to provide for their family, it is only natural for them to want and expect the best value for their hard-earned money.

When it comes to large-ticket items like air conditioners, it is guaranteed that customers will always be on the lookout for a better choice.

So why not Condura?

Being a Filipino brand, Condura uniquely understands what Filipinos most need in an air conditioner – maximum energy savings and longlasting durability.

Condura window room air conditioners come with an exclusive energy-savings plug, which, when used in conjunction with the timer and an electric fan, provide inverterlike energy savings. In addition, Condura’s energy-efficiency ratios are among the highest in the category.

All Condura air conditioners are built tough specifically to withstand Philippine weather conditions of extreme heat, extreme rain, and even the harsh salty air in coastal areas. Customers can rest easy knowing their Condura is built to last.

Service is never a problem with Condura’s 24/7 service hotline (863-5555) and nationwide service network. You can also enjoy one of the most generous guarantees in the market today: 5 years on compressor + 2 years on parts + 5 years on system failure due to rust on Durakote-coated parts.

Energy savings. Long-lasting durability. Best value for money. That’s why Condura air conditioners are the better choice.

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