EVERY YEAR Boysen launches its exciting range of fresh colors, the only paint company in the country to produce new palettes annually. In doing so, it stands by a 65-year-old commitment to provide Filipinos with innovative and high-quality paint products that are both sustainable and safe.

“Coming up with new colors every year is a time-consuming process of individual effort and a lot of collaboration within and among work groups,” said Johnson Ongking, Vice President of Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc.

“We started our yearly color trend launches in 2015 and we’ve been encouraged by the positive response from our clients.”

In 2017, Boysen will release four palettes – ‘Tradition’, ‘Technology’, ‘Maximal’ and ‘Minimal’. Each palette consists of six different colors, to make a total of 24 new and enticing colors. All the colors within each palette have been carefully selected to work together, but each is also able to stand alone.

The 2017 palettes reflect global trends seen in design, fashion, technology, and art.

‘Tradition’ is a collection of bright but restrained colors, while the luminous pastels of ‘Technology’ are inspired by digital images and new building materials.

Jewel tones of blue, yellow, and red play a dominant role in the colorful excess of the ‘Maximal’ palette, and contrast with the cool greys and muted green of ‘Minimal’.

The new colors will be available from March 2017 in more than 400 Mix & Match Stations throughout the Philippines.

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