Acer laptop

EVERY ACER PRODUCT is an investment that must meet the various needs of home, student, and business users. In its 12 years in the local market, Acer has proven just how durable and efficient the brand is when it comes to its clients’ daily computing tasks. And it continues to live up to its promise of constant innovation to cater to its customers’ needs, while at the same time, keeping its products at a very reasonable price.

Acer is known to offer similar, or even superior, products to its competitors, but at a lower price. Its range includes laptop and desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors, and cloud solutions for both home and business use.

From its commercial to its consumer products, which now include the Predator gaming systems, and from its entry-level to highend products, Acer has a reputation for offering devices that have high-quality graphics and bright crystal screens. The brand also assures its customers a remarkable virtual experience with intricate hardware aesthetics.

In addition, Acer’s user interface is one of the easiest to navigate and most efficient of the common brands in the market.

Ground-breaking products launched by Acer into the local market include the Swift series, which includes the thinnest laptop to date, and the Digital Light Display (DLP) projectors.

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