Spritzer Bottled Water

WHEN SPRITZER’S OWNER AND FOUNDER, DATO LIM KOK BOON, visited Germany and requested a sparkling soda drink, he was given a ‘spritzer’, which in German means sparkling water. Dato Lim felt the name connoted freshness, elegance and class, and that it also sounded international, so the brand name Spritzer was born.

Later, when in Thailand, Dato Lim was impressed by the flourishing sales of bottled water in cafés and retail outlets, and decided to venture into the bottled water business himself. On his return to Taiping, Perak, he immediately invested in a small manufacturing plant.

To protect the pristine underground source of its natural mineral water – which contains beneficial minerals such as silicon and calcium – Spritzer also acquired the surrounding 330 acres of unspoilt tropical rainforest, a landbank that ensures the water’s integrity.

In April 2016, Spritzer Natural Mineral Water was honoured by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Belgium with its Superior Taste Award, winning the Institute’s top accolade of three gold stars and, with its score of 90% or more, achieving exceptional status ranking.

The iTQi jury members (120 Michelin star chefs and sommeliers from 17 European nations) noted Spritzer’s refreshing qualities and its smooth aftertaste. Consumers in Malayasia can confirm that these are the same qualities they also really love about Spritzer Natural Mineral Water.

The successful launch of Spritzer in the UK in January 2017 is a powerful testimony to the confidence of the British public in the quality and healthy goodness of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water. It also speaks volumes to local consumers about the great value of drinking Spritzer for their own hydration needs.

For more information, visit www.spritzer.com.my.