New York Skin Centre

SINCE 2004, NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTIONS has been helping to resolve skin problems through personalised, hands-on treatment solutions carried out by its professional consultants. During the first visit, each customer is given a one-on-one consultation with a skincare expert to gain an accurate understanding of the condition of their skin.

This thorough analysis includes looking at personal and lifestyle habits and taking scans with a machine that magnifies up to 200 times to determine the condition of the customer’s skin and identify the cause of the problem. Individual treatments are then tailored for each customer.

New York Skin Solutions’ products are made from natural plant extracts that are effective in maintaining healthy skin from the inside out, and the brand guarantees visible results after the first treatment. At the completion of their treatment each customer is given a post-treatment scan to compare the difference before and after, with 98% of customers seeing results instantly.

New York Skin Solutions is committed to achieving excellent treatment results and providing the best customer experience.

The brand advertises on local TV programmes, sharing skincare tips to help provide every man and woman with the knowledge of how to best look after their skin.

Based on its reliability, service and proven performance, New York Skin Solutions is the choice of thousands of customers.

Enjoy a complimentary Facial Treatment Package worth RM568 including a 4-in-1 Skin Care Product set. Just SMS NRD name & address to 33884 or call +603- 2777 5566 and quote NRD.*

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*Offer is limited to the first 500 respondents; first-time customers with skin problems only.