London Weight Management

DEVELOPING A CUSTOMISED PROGRAMME for every client, with different slimming treatment procedures tailored to each individual weight problem, is the focus of London Weight Management. A full body-fat analysis is conducted, where body weight, body measurements, eating patterns and personal lifestyle habits are taken into consideration, to determine the specific treatment. Sessions are then designed to help each customer reach their ideal weight effectively. With London Weight Management you could lose 8–22 cm and up to 3 kg in one slimming treatment session*.

London Weight Management uses a blend of 100% all natural mineral and plant extracts and the latest fat burning technologies, and its slimming sessions do not involve pills, surgery, crash diets or heavy exercises.

With more than 150,000 followers on Facebook, the brand provides information on healthy diet, weight management and a positive lifestyle. It also provides advice on how to maintain the figure that a customer has gained from the programme.

London Weight Management has helped Malaysian women battling weight issues turn over a new leaf and has changed their lives by instilling confidence through their weight-loss experience. This is reflected in more than three million testimonials from satisfied customers praising its treatments and service

Enjoy a complimentary Slimming Treatment Package worth RM508 including a 4-in-1 Fat Burning Cream set. Just Whatsapp/SMS your name & address to 010-888 9898 or call +603-2776 1234.**

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*Refers to full body loss. Individual results may vary.
**Offer is limited to first 500 respondents; first-time female customers with weight problems.