coway water purifier

ESTABLISHED IN 1989, Coway has since grown to be the No. 1 water purifier brand in its origin country South Korea and also in Malaysia

With the largest indoor water filter manufacturing plant in the world, complete with a state-of-the-art R&D centre at Seoul National University, Coway is recognised as Korea’s official and the only ‘Water Quality Testing Laboratory’. To maintain the brand’s prestigious standard, each Coway water purifier model undergoes more than one million tests before it is launched in the market.

Good products will not be able to make good water without good service. To ensure constant good quality of water, Coway makes sure that its customers’ products are always at utmost performance levels by providing a two-monthly regular service – which is also the most frequent service in the market – by a team of dedicated Coway Ladies (Cody). With such high-quality product and excellent service, Coway has won the trust of more than six million homes worldwide.

“Being the Holistic Water Specialist, we strive to cater to every different need of Malaysians by providing different water solutions,” said Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia. He pointed out that there are always many choices to be decided in life, that it makes sense to choose the better ones for yourself. “The same goes for the water that fills up over 50% of your body. Let’s choose the better water, and aim towards a better life.”

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